And Baby Makes 2

"Beautiful and very well made - as a man, I was astounded to find myself so totally engaged by motherhood." - Albert Maysles, Director of Grey Gardens & Gimme Shelter

"Compassionate, humorous - a warm- hearted group portrait." - The New York Times

"I loved this movie! It’s funny and sad, scary and heartening." - Melissa Bank, The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

"An excellent exploration of women pushing boundaries." - Gloria Steinem

As American families change in profound ways, And Baby Makes Two sheds light on the growing number of "unattached" women who are choosing to become pregnant through traditional means, artificial insemination, and adoption. Funny and poignant, the documentary takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster ride as we come to know and identify with the very human desires of the women in the film. (Website)



Excerpts from And Baby Makes 2



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