The Treatment

Jake Singer is an anxious young schoolteacher in New York. He is barely on speaking terms with his father, was recently abandoned by his girlfriend, and is heading for a life of compromise and mediocrity at a prestigious uptown prep school.

Emotionally paralyzed, Jake embarks on a course of psychoanalysis with the maniacal Argentine- Freudian Dr. Ernesto Morales, therapist from hell, who wields his heavily accented sarcasm like a machete. Morales' tactics are worth of the Spanish Inquisition, and soon Jake is just trying to keep him at a distance while planning his escape.

But when he meets socialite widow Allegra Marshall, Jake finds himself upwardly mobile in the Manhattan of serious money and glamour. Bouncing from Morales' couch to Allegra's bed and back again, Jake finds his whole life taking on the strange unpredictable quality of a therapy session.

Based on Daniel Menaker's novel and adapted for the screen by Daniel Housman and director Oren Rudavsky (Hiding and Seeking), the film version of The Treatment captures all of the wit and mystery of Jake Singer's epic journey through the realms of psychoanalysis and mature love. Set in contemporary New York City, the film was shot completely on location and premiered at the internationally renowned Tribeca Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Film, Made in New York in 2006. (Website)

What the Critics are Saying

"*** 1/2 Stars! A Refreshing, Smart-Alecky, Romantic Comedy" - US Magazine

"The Romantic Sleeper of the Season" - NY Observer

"SUPERB! A Real Joy" - Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

"**** Stars, Realism ebbs and flows, charm remains in 'Treatment'" - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

"*** Stars, 'The Treatment' finds life, love between therapy sessions" - Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times

"Full of Unpredictable Bounce" - Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

"Side splitting, sexy, moving and focused from start to end" - Marc Kandel,

"Terrific! One of the Most Pleasant Surprises of the Year" - Michael Fox, The Jewish News Weekly




Excerpts from The Treatment

Boy Meets Girl
First Kiss
Jake's Toast
Grilled By Dad
Existential Debate
Out of the Closet

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