Hiding and Seeking

This award-winning documentary tells the dramatic and emotional story of a Jewish father who journeys with his two ultra-orthodox sons back to Poland to try to find the Christian farmers who hid their family from the Nazis. His hope is to instill in his insulated and narrow-minded sons the power of interfaith tolerance and trust. (Website)

WINNER! Best Documentary Film - 2004 Jewish Image Awards

WINNER! Grand Prize - North American Interfaith Film Festival

WINNER! Grand Prix - Warsaw Intl. Jewish Film Festival

What the Critics are Saying

"Extraordinarily moving!" - New York Magazine

"Powerful and rewarding." - New York Post

"Thoughtful, intensely personal." - Washington Post

"Heartfelt and deeply moving." - Los Angeles Times

"Succeeds unexpectedly, and spectacularly!" - The Nation

"Moving, honest and true." - New York Times

"An adventure that’s part road trip, part scavenger hunt and part philosophical inquiry. It’s not to be missed - among the most important films you're likely to see this year." - TV Guide Online

"A courageous, heartfelt and rather brave film." - Newsday

"Intensely moving." - Jewish Week




Excerpts from Hiding and Seeking

Finding the Family

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